Etching Memories

By Emma Rose

Etching Memories

I love my children! From the moment that they could grip a crayon, every mark they made on a piece of paper I wanted to savour & keep forever! But as they drew more and more, my fridge became overwhelmed with picture after picture and would quite regularly encourage magnets to slip from their position and throw paper all over my kitchen floor!!

I am a hoarder by nature, my husband, let's just say he is more of a minimalist. I needed to find, and justify, a way of keeping all of these doodles by my babies without them taking over our house. 

Cue my introduction to a wonderful machine, the laser cutter. I found that I could convert my boy's drawings into a digital format and engrave them into pretty much anything that I wanted to. And so the journey began.

It would be an absolute pleasure to be able to provide you with the means to savour little moments from your life. So that on a daily basis, as you go about your day-to-day life, you have objects about your home that spark a memory.

And this doesn't have to be a child's picture. It could be yours, perhaps a personalisation for a gift, preserving a loved one's handwriting, or a commemorative date on a plaque.

I could go on, but if this is something that intrigues you, do get in touch with me and I will gladly take you through the options for your piece.

Thank you for reading. I hope to hear from you soon.