About Me

So this is me! I am a self employed Mum of 2 boys, based in Burton on Trent, Staffordshire. After 10 years out of education I made the decision to embark on a degree. A little crazy with 2 young children, but a decision that has enhanced my creativity no end and given me the chance to pursue a career that I just love and be at home with my boys!!


After completing my BA (Hons) Surface Pattern Design Degree, I was approached to undertake a Masters in Ceramic Design. This had not been in my original plan, however it intrigued me to see how this new surface could open up new and exciting possibilities in my work. In my degree, the tutors and technicians at Staffordshire University were just amazing. You were encouraged to find your own way of working and explore your own creativity. I experimented with a fantastic range of surfaces, from fabric to Perspex, wood to acrylic stone, so a step towards ceramics seemed a logical next step. 


I am now in my final year and it has been a whirlwind experience, as I have tried to grasp this wonderfully frustrating material that is clay! Although I was daunted with having no previous experience in ceramics, it has undoubtedly been a much-needed time of exploration into the designer that I want to be and the brand that I want to build. Plus I get to play with clay on a regular basis!


The work that I create is inspired by things that I love, which I hope brings a personal touch to each piece. 


I hope you like them!