About the Gift List

The Designer

Emma Rose is a talented artist and Surface Pattern designer based in Staffordshire. She is currently studying for her MA in Ceramic Design at Staffordshire University in the heart of the potteries, Stoke on Trent. She works with a range of different materials, from wood and chipboard to high end Corian and ceramics, to create bespoke hard surfaces.

Her primary way of working involves the translation of her hand drawn illustrations and photographs onto surfaces by means of laser etching. She also enjoys transferring her design work onto ceramics using decal design sheets, which will be the process used when creating the gift list.

The Gift List

In this unique range of crockery, commissioned especially for the wedding of Margo & Steve, Emma has used the original Alice in Wonderland illustrations by John Tennial and reimagined and coloured them for the 21st Century. The result is the production of a unique and outstanding new range of products that will bring new joy to a whole new generation of Alice in Wonderland lovers.

A range of my own?

For details of how you too may own a unique range of crockery products, please get in touch. Email hello@byemmarose.com or click the Contact at the bottom of the page.